Class Syllabus and Schedule
Week 1. Hello World, Welcome to xCode
Week 2. User Interface
Week 3. Core Animations
Week 4. Switching Views
Week 5. Tab View & Accelerometer
Week 6. Midterm, UIWebView, Emailer

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Introduction to Creating Applications for the iPhone
SMC-2731-A SA, Jan 29 - Apr 23 
Hours: 10:00AM - 02:00PM  ROOM: 212
Location: SVA 133/141 West 21 Street 

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WEEK 6. Feb 26th, 2011

Midterm Project

Assigned: March 5th 2011
2-3 weeks including class time to work on this project.
Due Date: March 27

Choice one project idea

Sound Board: Sound effect board with at least 5 sound effects. Beat Box, musical instrument, Quotes ( Bart Simpson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paris Hilton), Wilhelm Scream, How to translate simple phrases in different languages.
Simple Game: Pong, Wack-a-mole , Accelerometer game, guessing game which cup the ball is under.
Unit conversion: Tip Calculator, Dollar to Pound, Metric to Kingston, Fahrenheit to Centigrade
Reference App: App contains useful information about a topic. Should incorporate UIScrollView to display large images.
Magic 8 Ball: Shake random message god app magic 8 ball type app
Password Protected: Need a password to view the lock section containing secret passwords.

NOTE: You are welcome to try another idea as long as they fit the basic requirements. If you decided on a different project idea please let me know.


Application will contain at least 3 views, a TitleView ( this will be your default project view controller), InfoView, and a MainView where you project will reside.

  • Containing the functionality of your chocen project concept.
  • MainView have a back button to transition back to the TitleView
  • This view will have a tab bar with a back button transitions back to the title page.
  • Allow users to send you an e-mail from your app
  • Use a UIWebView to display you personal web page.
  • Advanced Animation sequence triggering a looping animation. Think of this as a simple looping banner ad animation that takes place on the title page
  • Make Info button that transition to the Info view.
  • Make a custom UIButton with a highlighted state. This button will transition to the MainApp View.

General App Requirements

  • Create a unique Icon graphic  114x114 px ( iPhone 4 ), 57x57 or px(iPhone 3). Property Icon file found in the .plist
  • Create a Default Loading Image 640 x 960 px . Can be a screen shot of the title page.
  • Install app on a device iPhone, iPod. Have it work correctly when you Test on Device from xcode.