Class Syllabus and Schedule
Week 1. Hello World, Welcome to xCode
Week 2. User Interface
Week 3. Core Animations
Week 4. Switching Views
Week 5. Tab View & Accelerometer
Week 6. Midterm, UIWebView, Emailer

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Introduction to Creating Applications for the iPhone
SMC-2731-A SA, Jan 29 - Apr 23 
Hours: 10:00AM - 02:00PM  ROOM: 212
Location: SVA 133/141 West 21 Street 

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WEEK 1. January 29th, 2011

Hello World, Welcome to XCode and Interface Builder


1. Download and Install the iPhone SKD from Apple's Developer website. This download contains all the tools you'll need for class Xcode Interface Builder the iPhone simulator. Remember you must be logged in to download the SKD. 2. Video Exercise: Custom UIButtons and Random Number
Follow along with the video exercise bellow, if you don't have a testing computer please watch the videos we will review at the start of next weeks class. Switch to youtube HD version if font size in unreadable.

PART 1: Create a custom UIButton

Drag the images to your desk top, then add them to the resource folder of your project.

PART 2: Place a Image at a random x y location.

3.Optional Extra Practice: Follow along with the demos from the class notes 1.1 & 1.2.


  • Bring you iPhones, iPod or iPad for app testing.
  • Bring USB iPhone connector
  • If you plan to work on your personal laptop, bring it!


1.1 Hello World UIButton clicked change UILabel

1.2 Add images to a view UIImageView